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Jenny Cunningham


my quirkiness has been unleashed! I've been doodling since forever and always had a passion for art, but kept it tamed. not anymore! I have a long list of unwritten comics and books that I am preparing to share with the world! Quirklyn is the first of many.


dancing nourishes my soul and fills my heart. I've danced various genres professionally for over a decade. recently I was severely injured and haven't been able to dance since march 2015. during my recovery, I rekindled my love with drawing and created Quirklyn. To learn more about my dance life, click here. 


mommas, mommas, mommas, babies, babies, babies. I've been moonlighting as a volunteer doula providing moms with a more comforting and empowering birth experience; through physical, emotional and informational support. I am professionally trained. feel free to contact me with any questions.